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Guestbook for All Photographs
Nancy Adams(non-registered)
You did such a FANTASTIC job with our wedding!! Every time I see the photos, I catch myself grinning like a fool! Can't thank you enough!!!
Chris Brosnahan(non-registered)
Dunno if you remember me Chuck...but love the Pic on your homepage...I used to learn from you at the Atlanta Figure show when we photographed the displays...that picture of the cave is one I proudly own...don't make it to the Atlanta Shows anymore, but enjoy seeing your photography of the magnificent artwork on your own site now..Thanx agin for that classic B&W Shot of the cave!!! Looks like the entrance to Hades!!!
Aunt Deb (Alison and Doug)(non-registered)
Amazing photos, thank you so much for the memories. I can't wait to order mine,
David Wiggins(non-registered)
Charles, thanks for sharing the pictures of the Atlanta Show! Took some really great shots! Would love to purchase a few, but not sure how to do so or if that is possible. Thanks, Dave
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